Good morning everyone, I trust God our week started well..this mornings meditation is centered around the word “COMMENDATION” .. so many people are not used to doing this, instead they are too used to picking faults and are very quick to criticize..selah.

To commend means to appreciate,praise or congratulate an individual or group of persons for any achievement..” big or small”..knowing fully well that despite our not accepting mediocrity.. we must also know that our commendation “can and will boost results”.. Selah.This is a very important component of the human make up..”words can encourage or discourage”..”Make or break the will”.so let’s all be careful,what we say..and how we say it..selah.

Everyone of us, no matter how little appreciates being appreciated..So as we go through the day..please take out time to intentionally appreciate or commend good deeds done around you..from your spouse, children, family, friends, staff etc.

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