Masterpiece Resource Development Centre (MRDC) is a faith-based organization that is committed to Africans in youth and entrepreneurial development so that they can create and maintain businesses that will reduce unemployment and poverty in the Continent.

MRDC is an initiative pioneered by Rotimi & Modupe Oyekunle as a dream from God with the enormous support of the board members to see the Nigerian youths positioned in his or her place.

The MRDC dream is to provide an enabling opportunity for youths to
discover their purpose, potentials, develop it into an entrepreneurial venture and pursue it in order to reduce unemployment and poverty in Africa.

1. We help Nigerian Youths to discover who they are.
2. We develop youth capacity through quality training on Entrepreneurship.
3. We deploy trained skilled individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.
4. We mentor and monitor.
5. We create and maintain a network of Entrepreneurs.

We are set to discover, develop and deploy successful Entrepreneurs for accelerated national development. We have over a few years offered training and workshops to young Nigerians who have used the information from these trainings and workshops to start or expand their own businesses. We are also committed to promoting the philosophy of corporate entrepreneurship.

We train employees to exhibit the entrepreneurial attitude of vision, passion,
courage,daring, creativity, ingenuity and commitment in the workplace in order to enhance their performance and the growth of their organizations.