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Masterpiece Resource Development Centre is dedicated to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in cultivating essential business acumen and practical skills. Our proposed comprehensive startup training program aims to empower individuals with the requisite knowledge and tools to successfully establish and manage their businesses.

Training program [OBJECTIVES]

To provide participants with fundamental knowledge in business planning, market research, and financial management
To equip participants with practical skills in developing business models, marketing strategies, & customer acquisition.
To foster an understanding of legal requirements, regulatory compliance, and ethical considerations in entrepreneurship
To facilitate networking opportunities for participants to engage with industry professionals and potential mentors

An Overview of the training program

 Expected [OUTCOMES]

Enhanced entrepreneurial competencies among participants leading to improved success rates
for start-ups

Increased confidence in navigating common challenges faced by new entrepreneurs

Creation of a supportive network for collaboration and idea exchange among program graduates

Evaluation of viable business concepts ready for potential investment or incubation support

Our Training [PARTNERS]

We intend to collaborate with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, financial institutions, government agencies, as well as venture capital firms to enhance the quality of training content while creating opportunities for potential funding or mentorship connections post-program completion


 Masterpiece Resource Development Centre is committed to nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurial talent through this start-up training initiative that aligns with our mission to drive
economic growth through innovation and enterprise development.

 The program is open to aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who are in the early stages
of starting their ventures. We aim to attract individuals who are passionate about turning their
innovative ideas into sustainable businesses

Know your [ELIGIBILITY] status