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Masterpiece Resource Development Centre (MRDC)


MRDC Entrepreneurs network was established in June 2009, as is a forum where young
entrepreneurs, both existing and startups of different trades come together with the right values Under one umbrella to maximize profitability and networking amongst themselves, In an atmosphere of integrity. Hence giving the needed ecosystem for social and economic transformation in the nation.

We are a foremost faith based business network and enterpreneur institute with a MISSION to discover, develop and deploy youth and women enterpreneurs to start and grow sustainable businesses towards accelerated national development.

We were founded in 2007 by Modupe Oyekunle with a vision to be in the forefront of maximizing business opportunities towards raising models in Africa.


Raising entrepreneurial models in Africa.


Synergy: We believe in the spirit of networking and synergy, sharing ideas and information which opens up opportunities leading to wealth creation wealth and national development. And competition/tearing one down.

Service: we are passionate about the needs of our customers as such we respect them and treat them like kings while at the same time ensure the delivery of good product and services in good time.

Structure: we believe that through a well thought out structure and systems, success becomes predictable and measurable, thus becomes vital ingredient for growth and development. Therefore, no matter how small your business, HAVE A STRUCTURE.

Sustainability: we are committed to building a lasting business by ensuring good structure and systems driven by a vision to build a global brand.
Hence, the business won’t end when our sojourn on this side of eternity ends. A good man always leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.