Frequently [Asked] questions.

What is MRDC's primary focus?

MRDC's primary focus is to help individuals discover and develop their innate capabilities and potential, especially in the context of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

How does MRDC help individuals discover their potential?

MRDC assists individuals in personal discovery through training sessions and workshops that help them identify their talents, gifts, and passions.

What is the significance of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in MRDC's programs?

MRDC believes that entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are vital for personal empowerment and combating issues like unemployment and crime among youths. Their programs aim to nurture entrepreneurial attitudes and skills.

What is "3-dimensional training" at MRDC?

"3-dimensional training" at MRDC involves taking clients through the process of Personal Discovery, Development, and Deployment, helping them become role models for others and accelerating national development.

Does MRDC offer training for corporate settings?

Yes, MRDC promotes the philosophy of corporate entrepreneurship and offers training to help clients exhibit entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors in the workplace.

Is MRDC focused solely on young entrepreneurs, or do they work with individuals of all ages?

While MRDC emphasizes young entrepreneurs, their programs and services may benefit individuals of all ages who seek personal and professional development.